introduction about Li Wenliang
Li Wenliang (1985.10.12-2020.2.7), an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, China. 
On December 30, 2019, He communicated with his colleagues on WeChat and believed that SARS appeared to remind his colleagues to protect them. So he became one of the first medical personnel to disclose the epidemic to the outside world during the COVID-19 epidemic. And he was called the "epidemic whistleblower". 
He was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 31 (announced through its Weibo on February 1). 
On February 7, it was officially notified that Li Wenliang had died of illness at 2:58 in the morning at the age of 34.
 SOME comments under Li Wenliang‘s Weibo
Good morning, Dr.Lee.
Long time no see,I am coming,too.
Hello、doctor、gray sky with clouds~
One year!
Broke up with my girlfriend peacefully at the end of this year, the only pity is that two incomplete individuals have not changed a bit after two years of love.
It’s too hard to face the final exam!
It seems that people have to live for others all their lives.
Morning, Dr.Lee. This is a busy December, work hard!
It’s cold today, really should drink a cup of hot milk tea.
The happiest thing recently is that write comments here to bring blessings and receive warmth from strangers. Lee, perhaps you will feel comfortable when you see these.
That’s so challenge for me to lose weight, but I will keep going.
I met a girl at No.334 bus in Shenyang, my favorite type,and got off at the same station. Bless me success, Dr.Lee!
Good afternoon, Dr.Lee. I call myself the king of rice.
Dr.Lee, I did something wrong, I should correct it. I am going to work hard for my exam and life.
Brother Liang, I come to visit you. Please take care of yourself.
Such a heavy snow. Senior Lee.
Where are you?
Dr.Lee, I will have an exam soon. Bless me pass it !
Eat breakfast.
Don’t leave, miss becomes ocean.
Good night~
Good night, warm December.
Liangliang: I made a pot of dishes, ate them. Well, not bad and taste like they were made in a nice restaurant, I just use some simple spices. I guess, you will like them ,too.
Senior Lee, Junior Lee is coming, Everything is okay recently, a little closer to my goal, come on!
How many lights hide in the dark?         
Sir Lee, I showed my love to someone I love, But she said she would think about it.
Give him a chance and give me a chance as well.
If COCO is true, you must be smiling very happily now, none of us have forgotten you. No matter when it is, there are always someone come to talk to you, we will never forget you. Good night.
December is my month. Goes smoothly.
I’m going to take the postgraduate entrance examination soon, I hope I can become a very good doctor.
We won’t forget you.
There should be a copy of Mongolian lamb for Dr.Lee
Good night Dr.Lee. Have s good dream.
Life is short.​​​​​​​
World will be better.
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