Where is the limit between social media and what is actual? Whether the truth is the truth we can see. The surrounding environment determines the mind, or the mind determines the surrounding environment. There is a play between what is real and what is constructed. 
The team explores this transitional reality between what is virtual and physical by modeling a memory context. We create the object or action translate it into code about the music and then project it into a box. 
The world of mass media is not the real-world, the true reality has disappeared, what we see is the “Hyperreality” created by the media and composed of manipulated codes world. This is what we refer to in “Simulacra and Simulation”. 
We refer to the composition of the Panlos ladder and Panlos triangle. Based on the law of “having three connecting surfaces “, only a few angles can reasonably have visual error objects. we use this reference as a “small action” one. 
To be able to examine Hyperreality we can look at the concept of Hyperobjects by Timothy Morton. There is a strong correlation between the function of the brain, memory, and social media.
Micro World Team (Group A)
Changyu Yang
Yufeng Hou
Lingling Li
Chen Ma
Yi Yang
Yuxin Dong
Yuyang Cheng
Heart Break Team (Group B)
Yue Zhong
Toria Gao
Zoya Currimbhoy
Shirine Lee
Yunheng Huang
Yangyang Ni
Digital World Team (Group C)
Wei Wang
Qiang Huang
Can Aksan
JIayue Yu
Yishan Liu
Music Production
Can Aksan
Toria Gao

Chief Editor
Qiang Huang

Special Thanks To
Argyris Angeli
Kyriaki Nasioula 
Theo Lorenz
Tanja Siems
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