If the metaverse represents the Internet 3.0 we are about to enter, then Advertise(-)verse is Internet 4.0. The metaverse presents a virtual world similar to that of an advertising avatar in the real world. Assuming that the metaverse is going to be virtualized again, and the advertise (meta-meta)-verse will become the next meta-world of mankind.
We cut into the relationship between people and things from consumption and connect the evolution process of human beings in the Real World-Metaverse-Advertiseverse. At the end of the story, someone asks a question: when advertising has become the most comprehensive and faithful reflection of our lives, why isn't Advertiseverse presented here now?
The project was designed by AAIS (Spatial Performance and Design) of the Architectural Association and was simultaneously presented in Hangzhou, China, and London, UK.
The Hangzhou Ren Community Art Museum corresponds to the real world, where people interpret the operation of production systems; The Heals in London corresponds to the metaverse, where human behavior is guided by a circulating device program.
The whole process of the exhibition and performance cooperates with artists in dance, music, photography, and other fields, bringing a complete presentation of the work with the technique of multi-media expression and the immersive participation of the audience, thus exploring the relationship between production consumption and reality and virtuality.
Phase 1-1
The concept and background of the event design are laid out in the form of a real-world advertisement, as a prelude to the official performance.
Phase 1-2
As the transition from the real world to the metaverse, the feelings possessed by the real world gradually decrease and the feelings possessed by the Metaverse gradually increase. The transfer from the real world to the metaverse is basically completed.

Mechanical quick question and answer_ Real World

Mechanical quick question and answer_ Metaverse

The Hangzhou venue shows the real world, through wearable devices, relying on people to deduce the production device system that provides a sense of use.

Phase 2
The role of advertiseverse in the metaverse takes effect; This is the initial formation of advertiseverse.
Phase 3
The ADVERTISE in the Metaverse is transforming from the medium into the environment and then becomes ADVERTISVERSE eventually.
ADVERTISVERSE, the next generation of the metaverse's metaverse.

The London venue shows the metaverse, the circulation device program guides people's behavior, thus indirectly obtaining a sense of use.

Phase 4
The real world and the Advertiseverse stop functioning at the same time, and the Metaverse collapses.
The alarm sounded to signal the official start of the performance.
A mechanical, rapid-fire question-and-answer format is used to simulate the verification system [A] (the machine asks the performer to answer),  verifying the presence of sensory perceptions in the ratio of real to virtual, and testing the human being from the real world to the metaverse.
Advertiseverse is officially coming.
The balloon represents the sense of use, and the bursting of the balloon in the metaverse represents getting the sense of use.

Mechanical quick question and answer

Verifying the presence of sensory perceptions 

The people in the Metaverse realize the lack of sense of use, and then follow the guidance of Advertiseverse, which induces consumption behavior - indirectly through the purchase of avatars. 
The bursting of the first balloon in the metaverse cycle reveals the successful operation of Advertiseverse, and foreshadows the transition of Advertiseverse from the medium to the environment itself.
The advertising of the sense of use in the Metaverse spread, and the method of indirectly acquiring feelings by purchasing the feelings and time from the avatars became popular. The more sensations they get, the more complete their access to the Metaverse becomes so that the consumption behavior of Metaverse people only increases. 
At this stage, they get the pleasure of having their "void" filled in disguise, without realizing that this points to a much larger and deeper void of consumption. In order to obtain a more comprehensive feeling, the environment has become the catalyst for more frequent consumption behaviors, so as to obtain a more comprehensive feeling.

A balloon will hold more Ping-pang balls inside

Consumers will wear more balloons,
     implying dissatisfaction with the desire to consume

When endless desires cannot be satisfied, the frequency of orders becomes higher and higher, and when the fleshy machines of the real world stop moving, the metaverse gradually disappears.

Guidebook in the Metaverse

Guidebook in the Real World




Directed By
Jiayue Yu & Qiang Huang
Xueying Zhang​​​​​​​
The Real World​​​​​​​
Produced by
Jiayue Yu
Ankang Qian
Ying Zhong
Chan Fu
Yezi Shengxiao
Jiawei Miao
Ruoming Zhao
 Video Editor
Ruoming Zhao
Produced by
Qiang Huang
Zean Chen
Videographer & Photographer
Yuxuan Qiu & Ruoxi Zhu
Video Editor
Qiang Huang
Light Designer
Yuxuan Qiu & Jiayu He​​​​​​​
Ruoxi Zhu
Special thanks to
AAIS all tutors, AAIS 2020, AAIS 2021
Wanqi Shi, Yiran Yin, Wei Wang
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