How many people came to this world silently, and left silently?
How many people have been utterly unconscious all their lives, following the steps of others, unable to find their directions?
In this era, the hot search on Weibo can only exist in people's memory for a week. The one who can remember you forever is probably only the person closest to you. Then if the closest person also leaves, who will remember that you have been in this world?
Designers, artists, and even young people who are lost in their careers and dreams, we must act, we need to think about how to use creativity and works to change people's lifestyles and attitudes.
Our work reflects our value. Architecture, industrial products, paintings and sculptures, as long as it can make human civilization take a step forward, that is our value. I look forward to one day in the future when people can stare at our work and call out our name proudly.
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