You and I are nothing but cyborgs inhabiting a physical body: at first, just prosthetic limbs attached to hip joints, then cochlear implants for nerve endings, pacemakers for the heart, followed by a brain-computer interface that begins to grow in the brain, chips that follow your nerves, flood your collarbones and go straight through the backs of your feet. You seem to fly, it eases your bigotry, comforts your insignificance, magnifies your grotesqueness, looks at your filth... 
The future is here, and we, at all times, are online.


Cybersapiens is an interactive AR performance in Shanghai, 18th July and 21st July. The audience can use their phone to view the AR scenes and interact with the live performance in the venue.
Technology is one of the contemporary religions:
Extendability to communicate infinitely.
Transcend their physical limitations.
We are all goldfish with only 7s of memory:
Physical memory in decline; electronic reminders in enhancement.
Unique properties of electronics: Unavoidable faults and failures.
Is there Love in the Telematic Embrace?
There is more and more communication and less and less time to meet. The "machine" gradually destroys the physical space where the body meets the body. The network of human relationships is gradually being equated with the network of machine-to-machine relationships. People are linked by networks, and the social networks of people gradually encode themselves in the pattern of "machines".
space & installation design
Infinite extension to the outside world in the cyber world, infinite reduction of physical space in the real world.
The space consists of two parts, four physical spaces, and one virtual space which is in the middle. The physical space has a total of 40 balls, of which the hanging part of 27, each ball will represent a physical object, the audience can guess the space by the QR code on the ball. The relevant balls are connected with these metal rods, such as paper, pens, and printers.

Day Scene Effect

Night Scene Effect

Directeded by
Cybersapiens Team
Changyu Yang
Jiayue Yu
Lingling Li
Qiang Huang
Toria Gao
Wei Wang
Yishan Liu
Yufeng Hou
Yue Zhong
Yuxin Dong

Ankang Qian
Chuan Fu 
Jiaxi Lin 
Ying Zhong
Videographer & Photographer
Yujie Cao
In Kind Support
Special Thanks to
AAIS all tutors
Shurong Liu
Tuo Lin

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