The script of our group mainly wants to express the relationship between the company’s employees and the management. The heroine as an employee has excellent talents but is not accepted by the management. After discussion, We started from the audio record, taking its storyline as the scenario of our performance. As the record has its own timeline and developing process, we then put our emphasis on how to visualize the recorded audio, to perform the audio, to make the sound visible. Futhermore, some videos would also be set in and combined with the audio. In this way, some related movements, gestures, and other consciously translated body language will also presented.   We hope to make all those elements(sound, image, body movement, text, color, etc.) that mentioned above as the ‘actors’, let them to perform. Therefore, the record itself has become a container/a stage/a box carrying the characters. 
Opening: Explain the background of the story 
                 The space is all black, only the white table lights up
 part1: Screen 1 is on-heroine 
           Screen 2 is on-manager 
           Screen 3 is bright-HR 
part2 (climax): Disputes from all sides-the screen lights up at the same time 
part3 (end): Return to calm: (The screen slowly goes out, the space turns black, only the table is on)   
God's perspective-the screen from focusing on the table to the box-to slowly reveals the person behind 
Scrip Design
Qiang Huang
Visual Design
Jiayue Yu
Jiayue Yu
Word Effect
Wei Wang
Video Editing
Wei Wang 
Qiang Huang
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